How to Develop a Digital Display Network

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How to Develop a Digital Display Network So, you want to create a digital display network? That’s great! Moving beyond the “black box” is necessary to support customer experiences in ways we’ve never seen before. Consumers expect – really demand – it. To avoid becoming obsolete and shuttering, digital signage networks must be developed in meaningful ways.

Many companies are pioneers in their market space, and we’ve been privileged to share the journey with them. Our knowledge has culminated into the workbook that is intended to help identify, inform, and inspire your journey as well as those you need to influence.

Creativity and innovation run through the heart of everything we do at Gable. We invite you to spend time brainstorming and planning your digital signage strategy – an important investment. Incorporating viewpoints from different areas of your company helps align strategy and goals. The outcome of this collaboration will set your program up for success.

There are many ways – none of them wrong (unless you criticize) – to brainstorm. The goal is to mine new ideas, then crystallize them into actionable steps. A few notable methods are creating mind maps (quickly capture ideas), gap analysis (identify a potential roadmap), SWOT analysis (highlight opportunities and risks), asking “5 Whys” (leads to a solution), and reporter starbursts (who, what, where, when, why, and how).

We can help you brainstorm by hosting a working session with you and your company’s stakeholders. Contact us today.

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