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Gable Can Help Elevate Your Space with Dynamic AV Solutions

Just as the word implies, “audiovisual” refers to electronic media that incorporates both sound and sight. Movie theatres, church services, classrooms, and even conference rooms are what most think of when it comes to AV.

Gable can certainly support these types of environments. But where we really excel is when you need a dynamic solution that includes traditional AV plus lighting and digital signage and displays to create an experience through multiple senses.

Audiovisual Integration, presentation outdoors at real estate development with families watching movie.

Gable Combines "Smarts with Parts"

When it comes to audiovisual products, there are an infinite number of manufacturers to choose from, including Crestron, Phillips, Panasonic, Sony, Gable, and more. Navigating this sea of options can be confusing for many buyers, plus that only gets you “the parts.”
Audiovisual Integration at Johns Hopkins University

Not only can Gable recommend the right AV equipment for you, leveraging our deep knowledge and relationships with the best product brands, but we also provide “the smarts.”  We outline an upfront strategy to achieve your goal and managed services and support to keep you up and running with compelling content.

At Gable, you’ll get access to all of the ingredients you need and the know-how to put them together. Our audiovisual integration team will evaluate your space and determine how best to etch your brand into the memories of all who experience it. We have certified, full-time AV technicians who specialize in LED displays, digital signage networks, and common AV communication control systems. We also have a massive national pool of audio-visual technicians who are vetted and accessible for installation support via our Client Services team.

Whether you’re looking to integrate new AV equipment like projectors, screens, and speakers, or you want AV installation or repair work done in your classrooms, auditoriums, or casinos, for example, Gable has the on-site turnkey services you need.  Our technicians include not just installers but also programmers and engineers who can commission and program control systems in the field.

As a visual communications company, our process for designing and installing AV equipment fits your original vision and goes way beyond a basic AV installation. Our technicians confidently work with architectural drawings to ensure proper integration into the built environment. When Gable takes the lead, you can expect a thoughtfully integrated solution that seamlessly aligns with your environment.

AV System, Audiovisual Integration, Digital Display, Signage Made by Gable at Downs Park in Pasadena, MD
“At Gable, we take a unique approach when developing AV solutions. We view our systems as an integral part of the overall space, rather than just an accent. We consider how the content and technology can be used to meet goals, not just as a vehicle to display content. This comprehensive perspective is what sets us apart and allows us to provide truly customized solutions for our clients.”

Here's What Sets Our Audio-Visual Solutions Apart:

Systems Integration Capabilities

Include AV, programming, engineering, architectural elements, lighting, signage, video displays, and accessories to maximize the impact within your physical space.

Extensive Partnerships

With a broad range of manufacturers, we can hand-pick the best equipment to meet your objectives rather than being limited to a single product line. We also have a global network of AV technicians to support our geographically dispersed clients in need of integrated audio-visual products and services.

Design-Build-Manage Approach

Ensures a single seamless process from conception to installation and ongoing support, simplifying vendor management and reducing costs.

Customized Solutions

Beyond products or hardware, we craft solutions tailored to your unique needs and space, giving you an audiovisual landscape as unique as your brand itself.

Cost Savings

Our Refresh Program reuses existing infrastructure while upgrading parts as needed.

Collaborating with Leading Manufacturers:

Whether you aim to bring a museum exhibit’s history to life, entice a retail shopper, or entertain at a casino, we’re experienced in creating dynamic environments that connect and engage.

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Gable adopts a holistic approach to AV integration. This starts by understanding your goals and audience needs, then designing custom solutions leveraging a wide range of technologies and products, ensuring the final solution aligns perfectly with your objectives.

Absolutely. Gable offers a comprehensive “design-buildmanage” approach, ensuring they not only design and implement your AV solution but also provide long-term management and support.

We implement: 

  • LED displays
  • LCD displays / Digital Signage
  • Control systems
  • Audio systems
  • Projection & Mapping

We are brand agnostic and will choose the right equipment to meet your goals. We do have deep relationships with many well known manufacturers as well as custom manufacturers of custom equipment that is purpose-built. Visit our online catalog to see the kinds of equipment we offer.

Yes, upon signing an agreement with Gable, a dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to oversee your specific deployment from start to finish. This person acts as the single point of contact to handle all logistics, provide updates on timeline and budget, ensure expectations are managed properly, and be available to answer any questions that arise throughout the process.

Yes, Gable understands that training end users is a critical part of any AV deployment. We offer both on-site and virtual training sessions to ensure your staff feels comfortable operating and supporting the new system on their own. Refresher courses are also available if personnel changes occur over time. Our goal is to deliver comprehensive documentation and instruction to set your team up for long-term success.

Yes, Gable provides a comprehensive warranty on both the workmanship of any installations we perform, as well as the AV equipment and digital displays supplied. We will also support our clients in obtaining any additional manufacturer warranties that apply. This gives buyers assurance that their investment is protected from defects for the duration of the coverage terms.

Yes, Gable offers various service level agreements (SLAs) and maintenance plans to provide ongoing preventative support and repairs over the lifespan of our clients’ AV systems. This gives customers the flexibility to choose a level of coverage that fits their budget and ensures their technology investment continues performing optimally for years to come.

Safety is always Gable’s top priority on every job site. Our technicians are trained professionals who follow strict protocols to avoid hazards. We also keep our work areas clean and organized so as not to disrupt client operations. After completing the installation, we ensure all areas are restored to their original condition or better before leaving. These practices help protect our clients’ employees, property and reputation.

Gable aims to provide full transparency into pricing for AV projects through detailed proposals and discussions of inclusions, exclusions and assumptions. We do not charge hidden fees. Additionally, we work with several financing partners who can offer flexible payment terms for clients through approved leasing or loan programs. This makes large-scale technology investments more accessible and affordable.

Gable places strong emphasis on continuing education to stay on the cutting edge of AV innovation. Our team actively attends industry trade shows and manufacturer training sessions. We also collaborate closely with technology partners during product development to understand emerging capabilities. And through hands-on R&D, we explore new ways of using existing tools to deliver cutting-edge solutions for clients. This focus allows us to expertly leverage evolving technologies.

Gable works closely with clients’ IT teams to ensure AV systems are integrated securely based on best practices. This often involves placing them on a separate, isolated network for maximum protection. Our engineers are trained on proper protocols for authentication, change management and incident response to prevent unauthorized access. Client security is our top concern when designing solutions that may touch their internal infrastructure.

Gable prides itself on being a collaborative partner that is adaptable to our clients’ evolving needs. While unbudgeted changes can impact both timelines and costs, we make every effort to accommodate revisions in a reasonable manner. Our goal is to work closely with customers to ensure their unique requirements and feedback are incorporated flexibly throughout the process for the best outcome.

Experience the Power of Integrated AV with Gable

With every project, we’re committed to doing the right thing. We are more than just a reseller of audio-visual systems. Gable is a team of visionaries who bring spaces to life with integrated AV solutions. Our commitment to excellence isn’t just a sentiment; it’s a promise backed by over four decades of experience and an unwavering devotion to your success.

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