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The Role of Visual Communications in Retaining & Attracting Tenants

In the ever-evolving landscape of cities and suburbs, real estate development stands as a symbol of progress. Beyond the mere construction of spaces, each development project is a canvas where diverse elements harmonize to create environments that shape lives, engage communities, and foster economic growth.

Real estate developers play an integral role in the foundation and future of the built environment — forecasting trends, understanding market dynamics, and creating hubs of commerce and connectivity.

Recently, however, labor shortages, inflation, rising construction costs, and disruptions in the supply chains hit the CRE industry hard — office, multifamily, and retail. Lenders have been imposing stricter borrowing requirements with increased financing costs, creating additional obstacles in terms of raising capital and getting to the point of substantial completion.

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As a result, property managers who are on the front lines, ensuring properties are well-maintained, profitable, and satisfied anchor tenants are feeling the repercussions in various ways. Delays or disruptions in planned amenities or improvements can lead to dissatisfaction among tenants. As tenant rent continues to increase, retailers are choosing one of three paths — vacancy, downsizing, or growth.

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Some are downsizing their footprint to save money but are more selective about the quality of the space to accommodate a concept refresh and immersive, engaging experiences to raise engagement and brand loyalty. 

Other retailers are capitalizing on growth opportunities. For example, Psycho Bunny entered the Canadian market in 2023, after exceptional growth amidst the pandemic, when it tripled its business and opened 20 stores across the US.

As the traditional mall model continues to lose market share to specialty retail environments, property managers will need to find new ways to attract tenants and shoppers. One key strategy will be the use of compelling visual communications.

At Gable, we specialize in designing and implementing highly customized and visually stunning signage solutions that meet the unique needs of the CRE industry. From digital displays and wayfinding systems to environmental graphics and experiential installations, our team of experts can help bring any property to life and create a lasting impression on all who work, shop, and play.

Take a look at several examples below:

Gain a Competitive Edge with Gable

In today’s rapidly evolving real estate landscape, creating a unique in-person experience through digital integrations can be a significant differentiator, and collaboration with a proficient visual communications company like Gable can offer multiple advantages:

Branding & Aesthetics

Custom signage and digital displays can reinforce the brand identity of your property or development project. A consistent, high-quality visual presentation can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic appeal, making your properties more attractive to potential tenants translating to higher rent or lease values.

Corwell's Liquor Brand Facelift

Regulatory Compliance & Permits

Navigating the complex world of city and governmental regulations can be challenging. With over 40 years of expertise in permit research and acquisition, we can ensure that our signage complies with local standards, avoiding obstacles or delays.

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Timely Installation

With the importance of phasing in large-scale development projects, having us as a dependable project management partner ensures that visual communications are installed at the right time, keeping projects on schedule.


For directors of construction, collaborating with Gable ensures smooth integration of visual elements during the construction phase, aligning with your specific constraints and requirements.

Engaging, Adaptable Experiences

With digital displays, real estate spaces can transform into interactive hubs. For malls or commercial properties, interactive kiosks and directories can serve as both entertainment and informational sources, enhancing visitor experience and encouraging repeat visits. Digital displays offer dynamic advertising opportunities, allowing property managers to promote events, stores, or any other relevant content. This not only serves as an additional revenue stream but also enhances visitor engagement.

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Our turnkey services, which encompass design, fabrication, and installation, streamline the process and reduce costs. Instead of coordinating with multiple vendors, you can rely on a single entity, ensuring consistency and reducing administrative burdens.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Our managed services and support keep you from stressing about the upkeep of the visual elements. This ensures that the displays and signs are always in optimal condition and alleviates concerns about unexpected maintenance costs.

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