Our Team

Gable’s team spans the realm of many disciplines and share one common goal: to give our clients solution-oriented results that exceed expectations.

Meet the Team at Gable

At Gable, you’ll find a passionate team of people applying their skills and craft to their work every day. And don’t be surprised if you catch us celebrating our accomplishments and each other. It’s who we are and an integral part of what makes us successful.

Our Leadership Team

Our team places a high value on collaboration and our commitments to each other, our clients and the community.
Paul Gable

Paul Gable

Chief Executive Officer and President
Our Leadership Team, Hank Caple

Hank Caple

Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration
Our Leadership Team, Ross Hancock

Ross Hancock

Senior Vice President of Business Development
Our Leadership Team, Brenda Barrett

Brenda Barrett

Executive Manager, Events & Communications
Our Leadership Team, Eric Crowe

Eric Crowe

Senior Vice President of Client Services
Our Leadership Team, Jim Lucas

Jim Lucas

Vice President of Human Resources
Our Leadership Team, Bryan Goehl

Bryan Goehl

Vice President of Cost Engineering & Supply Chain Management
Our Leadership Team, Cal Sutphin

Cal Sutphin

Vice President of Operations

Our Leadership Team, Rod Hillman

Rod Hillman

Executive Integrator

Our Leadership Team, Bill Sackmann

Bill Sackmann

Vice President of Technical Resources
Our Leadership Team, Ken Lay

Ken Lay

Director of Creative Design
Our Leadership Team, Sandeep Panicker

Sandeep Panicker

Director of Engineering Design

Our Leadership Team, Jack Hulme

Jack Hulme

Creative Director ‑ 
Environmental Graphic Design

Our Leadership Team, Austin Gable

Austin Gable

Director ‑ Project Management

Our Leadership Team, Stephen Gottlich

Stephen Gottlich

Solutions Consultant – Innovation and R&D

Matt Gable

Matt Gable

Business Development Consultant

Our Leadership Team, Andrew Phillips

Andrew Phillips

Director ‑ Account Management

Our Leadership Team, Ken Rosier

Ken Rosier

Director of Managed Services

Our Leadership Team, Joe Dvorak

Joe Dvorak

Director of Manufacturing

Our Leadership Team, Jimmie Wolfe

Jimmie Wolfe

Director of Field Operations

Our Leadership Team, Ed Cucina

Ed Cucina

Director of Safety & Asset Management

Our Leadership Team, Wes Ferwerda

Wes Ferwerda

Digital Operations Manager

Our Leadership Team, Randy Asencio

Randy Asencio

Production Manager

Our Leadership Team, Josh Smith

Josh Smith

Marketing Operations Manager

Our Solutions Consultants

Meet the team behind every innovative project, diligently working to translate your ideas into real-world solutions.

Our Team, Michele Bass

Michele Bass

Solutions Consultant – Casinos & Hospitality

Our Team, David Chapman

David Chapman

Solutions Consultant

Our Team, Rich Gomez

Rich Gomez

Solutions Consultant – Architectural & Environmental Graphics

Our Team, Jason Jansen

Jason Jansen

Solutions Consultant – Market Development

Our Team, Jack Lunkenheimer

Jack Lunkenheimer

Solutions Consultant

Our Team, Joe Tremble

Joe Tremble

Solutions Consultant

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