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The Power of Branding in Finance’s Changing Landscape
How Visual Communications Elevate Financial Institutions

In the world of finance, banks and credit unions are the guardians of our hard-earned money and the enablers of our boldest dreams. These institutions are a place to save for our child’s education, buy our first car, or grow a small idea into a thriving business. More than brick-and-mortar buildings and online platforms, they are invaluable partners in our life stories. They connect communities, fuel ambitions, and play a pivotal role in turning our dreams into tangible realities.

However, the world of financial services is changing quickly, driven by new technology, evolving customer needs, and a shifting economy. With fresh and innovative ways of doing business emerging regularly, banks and credit unions are working hard to keep up. But it’s not all smooth sailing. Rising interest rates and cyber threats have made it tough for these types of institutions. They’re trying not only to grow but also to keep their customers’ money safe and their own reputation intact.

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Today, more than ever, there’s a pressing need for financial organizations to streamline internal processes, offer tailored client experiences, and protect their brands. The key is portraying a sense of trust and reliability, and Gable’s offerings in visual communications play a pivotal role in achieving that for financial institutions.

Financial Services - M&T Bank Baltimore MD

This holds true for not only banks and credit unions but also accounting firms, insurance agencies, investment security companies, and other fiduciaries responsible for money or protecting assets. Our role is to ensure that your branding and visual cues within your physical branches instill a sense of confidence in your clientele. We do this through a wide range of capabilities and provide additional peace of mind, given that we are bonded and insured and have the safety rating your projects typically require.

We Make Your Priorities Our Business

A recent survey by Jack Henry sheds additional light on the core priorities of bank and credit union CEOs as they venture into 2024. Gable can help you meet these objectives head-on.

Growing Deposits & Growing Loans

Financial institutions need to establish trust to encourage customers to deposit their life savings. The physical branding, including signage, logos, and color schemes, plays a crucial role in portraying reliability. In a competitive landscape with both online and offline players, maintaining brand integrity and consistency is essential. We help ensure this consistency, which is especially critical during large rollouts or mergers.

WSFS Bank - Financial Services

Improving CX (Customer Experience)

Your institution’s exterior, including its architectural signage and branding, directly affects your customer experience. From pylon and monument signs to ATM surrounds and drive-thrus, we provide design services and a wide range of products and services that exude quality, building a trustworthy environment for customers. Digital signage and in-window displays, in particular, improve the overall in-branch experience for customers.

Financial Services - M&T Bank Signage
M&T Bank

Using Data for Insights

Many retailers, including financial institutions, have embraced digital display advertising as a means to drive revenue. Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) is not just another channel but a powerful tool to engage, measure, and influence consumer habits and behavior. Our holistic approach to digital content management and analytics would be a welcome addition to your marketing department.

M&T Bank - Financial Services
M&T Bank

Increasing Efficiency

Efficiency isn’t just about internal processes but also about swiftly adapting to rebrands. Amidst a lot of M&A, our project management expertise ensures a smooth transition, especially when time-sensitive changes like bagging signs are required. We have in-house resources that cover almost every skill set, as well as a global network of complementary resources we can call upon when needed. Our turnkey capabilities to produce, ship, manage, and maintain a large number of signs translate to greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and streamlined communication, saving you time and money.

First Financial Federal Credit Union, Middle River, MD
First Financial Credit Union

Acquiring Customers

As banks and financial institutions are akin to retailers in selling financial products, the visual appeal of their branches becomes crucial. We help local and regional banks compete with larger entities through premium branded environments, material choices, and signage design. Well-established financial institutions need custom, unique products for their unique scenarios, like stadiums, conference centers, or event venues that require experiential design. Gable offers solutions to maintain brand integrity across all such venues.

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The key is portraying a sense of trust and reliability, and Gable’s offerings in visual communications play a pivotal role in achieving that for financial institutions.

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