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Start Strong with a Technical Survey for Peace of Mind in the End

When Precision Counts, You Can Count on Gable

When you’re embarking on a new custom sign, AV technology integration, or digital display project, the process usually starts with an idea. But to bring that initial concept to fruition requires thoughtful planning and preparation. The more complex or integrated the project, the more critical technical surveys become.

At Gable, on-site surveys come into play at two different stages of the process — design and installation.

When you hire Gable for design services at the onset, we offer site analysis and location planning, as well as technical surveys to understand existing site conditions. Our meticulous attention to detail at this stage ensures that the design can be fabricated and installed. Starting with the end in mind saves you time, money, and late-stage frustrations.

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When we’re brought in during the later stages of the project, we insist a technical survey be conducted prior to installation.

A technical survey confirms original estimates and critical details are accurate. A survey provides an extra layer of confidence that when the installation crew shows up, they can do the job as planned.

In both cases, we send our highly experienced team members to your property or site location to conduct technical surveys for signs that require precise measurements. This may include checking wall materials for structural integrity, identifying obstructions, electrical and data infrastructure access, integration readiness, and other details. The information we obtain from technical surveys helps us properly engineer and manufacture products to fit and integrate seamlessly into your environment.

At Gable, we’ve been called on for over 40 years to help projects go smoothly from start to finish, and technical surveys are a vital part of our due diligence process.

Is a Technical Survey Worth the Time and Cost?

Where an initial site visit is part of our exploratory research and provides a minimum for project scoping and initial estimating purposes, technical surveys dive deeper into the specifics so we can bring your project to life as expected. Beyond what photos and walk-throughs can show us, tech surveys involve our experienced engineers and AV technicians armed with diagnostic tools, bucket trucks, ladders or lifts to reach all locations to capture exact measurements.

Not all projects need such a level of detail, and we will help you determine if a technical survey is required for your project. However, going through this exercise before an installation begins prevents anything that might derail your project, saving you time and money by avoiding unnecessary rework or delays further down the line.

Gable technical surveys crew walking up to crane truck with a 2-man basket.


  • Potential safety issues
  • Face materials
  • Fascia size
  • Illumination methods
  • Sign dimensions
  • Accessibility
  • Local sign codes
  • Electrical requirements
  • Permit research and acquisition
  • Landlord contact info. (if applicable)
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Gable Provides More Than Just a Service

We deliver peace of mind through our technical surveys. From risk mitigation to ensure seamless integration with site conditions, our technical surveys ultimately lead to timely project completion and optimal use of resources.

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