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When you need an illuminating environment, call on Gable.

To create a complete branded environment, you often need more than just screens or signs. Additional architectural design elements and lighting fixtures need to be incorporated to make every inch of your property spectacular. But where do you turn for this integrated set of skills?

You could hire an Architect, an AV company for the LED screens, an electrician for the lighting, a fabricator for the architectural metal work, and a carpenter for the millwork, but that could be a recipe for a disjointed outcome. Instead, Gable offers a one-stop alternative with our architectural fabrication and lighting services.

Much of what we offer is done in-house. Other aspects we manage on behalf of our clients, much like a general contractor. Either way, when you combine all of Gable’s capabilities, your experience is seamless, and the outcome is dazzling.

Signage by Gable Architectural Fabrication and Lighting

Gable Thrives in Specialty Construction

For those involved in projects for the built environment, “MEP” (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) is a familiar term. Anything that falls outside of MEP lands in the specialty section of construction, including architectural fabrication and custom lighting. That’s where Gable shines.

For instance, if copper is a prominent material in your environment and the architect wants the light fixtures to be copper patina but can’t find the right solution off the shelf, Gable can custom manufacture that light fixture.

Another example is popular sportsbooks. We get many requests for oak or stainless steel picture frames that surround a grid of TVs on the wall and include a blue halo light wash for additional drama. Fabrication and architectural lighting design solutions like these finish off the space and create an integrated experience instead of it looking like an afterthought.

Unlocking the Advantages of Architectural Fabrication

Gable’s Architectural Fabrication brings a new dimension to visual communications by connecting people to places through high-impact architectural features and elements that tie the integrated environment together:

Seamless Custom Integration

Our custom elements blend visual communications into the built environment, creating a cohesive and intentional experience that blends your brand and property into perfect harmony.

Space Activation

We engage your audience by enhancing, accentuating, and activating spaces with custom architectural elements. We can take underutilized spaces on your property and transform them into engaging physical environments.

Material Enhancement

Gable has a vast library of materials that can be used to create unique textures and visual effects on your property. With the right combination of materials and lighting, we’ll create a custom environment not seen anywhere else.

Simplified Process

With in-house capabilities, you benefit from a streamlined process and coordinated outcome from start to finish.

Elevate your space with Gable’s architectural expertise, simplifying the process and activating your environment with purpose and creativity.

Gable's dedication to helping clients succeed is at the core of everything we do. We're not just a solutions provider; we're strategic partners who work tirelessly to enhance our clients' spaces and connect them with their audience. It's a source of pride for me to be part of a team that prioritizes client success above all else.

How to Enhance Your Space with Purposeful Lighting

Each of these elements is meticulously designed to ignite spaces, creating an immersive visual experience:

Custom Designed Lighting Solutions

We design individual and distinctive lighting solutions that match the mood and function of your space. Whether you’re after an indoor retreat or an outdoor spectacle, our designs will shine a light on your vision.

Mood Lighting

We create mood lighting that radiates warmth and intimacy. This enhances the atmosphere of quaint corners and intimate spaces for the perfect setting.

Advanced Control Systems

For our customizable dynamic solutions, we provide advanced control systems. This allows you to adjust your lighting to suit various occasions or times of day, ensuring your space always looks its best.

Augmentation of Digital Displays

Our lighting designs are created to complement and enhance digital displays. With the right lighting, your displays will be more vibrant, impactful, and engaging for your audience.

Find a Better Way

Our lighting solutions don’t just illuminate spaces; they activate them. This can help attract attention, guide movement, and influence behavior in built environments.
Let us enhance your space with the brilliance of tailored lighting solutions, breathing life and vibrancy into the customer experience.

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Yes, we have examples of previous architectural fabrication and lighting design projects that we’ve completed. These examples cover a wide variety of applications.

We have an in-house technical design team who evaluates the structural integrity and code compliance of our designs. We also work with licensed professional engineers certified in all 50 states and can advise on matters like wind loads, weight capacities, anchoring, and safe installation according to the applicable building codes in any jurisdiction. Ensuring all appropriate approvals helps our clients feel confident their project meets regulatory standards.

The typical lead time depends on the size and complexity of the project. For smaller interior projects, the time from final design to installation is an average of 8 weeks. For larger exterior installations requiring permits, the process typically takes 1216 weeks from design to completion. This allows time for fabrication, permitting if needed, and scheduling the installation. These example timelines are only a guide due to each project’s unique attributes and our current workload. We’re happy to provide a more accurate timeline estimate once we discuss your specific project scope and requirements.

Yes, we do provide ongoing maintenance and support services after a project is completed. This includes repairs or replacements of common lighting parts that may fail over time, as well as regular cleaning and adjustments to ensure optimal performance. Proper maintenance can help extend the life of the system and address any issues that arise after installation.

Yes, we have the capability to provide 3D renderings and simulations of proposed designs. Using 3D design software, our concept design team can create detailed 3D models and renderings that showcase the proposed lighting, materials, colors and overall aesthetic. These visualizations are helpful for clients to get a realistic sense of how the finished project will appear, both during the day and at night. They allow us to illustrate visibility, legibility, illumination levels and how the design will translate with its surroundings.

A Design-Oriented Approach to Integrated Solutions

At Gable, we take a design-oriented approach to everything we do. It’s in our DNA. That’s why clients turn to us for integrated architectural fabrication and lighting solutions. We know how to create holistic visual harmony to enhance the effectiveness of your space.

When you’re ready to take your environment to the next level, our team of experts is ready to light the way.

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