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Land-Based Casinos: A Game of Chance or an Immersive Entertainment Hub?

Just mention the word “casino,” and one can hear the distinct chime and jingle of slot machines as they spin and land, followed by celebratory sirens. Conversations, laughter, cheers, and groans from gamers create a low hum amidst the click and rattle of poker chips being stacked and spinning roulette machines.

For many years, the casino industry has been a spectacle of excitement and allure, offering patrons a chance to try their luck in an environment filled with glitz and glamour. As we move into 2024, casinos are not just about games of chance anymore; they are becoming immersive entertainment hubs.

Hard Rock Casino in Cincinnati
Technological innovations are reshaping the casino landscape, introducing virtual reality experiences, gamification features, and even skill-based gambling options. The integration of blockchain technology promises secure and transparent transactions, while AI-driven personalization tailors gaming experiences to individual preferences.
Final Design of Oneida Casino in Green Bay, WI

All these factors work in tandem to promise an unparalleled experience for those on the gaming floor or sportsbook as well as their non-gambling companions enjoying your adjacent restaurant or hotel.

In this transformative era impacting the casino and hospitality industries, you can’t overlook the role of custom signage and integrated digital displays in enriching your built environment. Casino general managers and marketers know that improving the customer experience leads to increased brand awareness, higher sales, and increased revenue (cue more celebratory sirens).

For over 40 years, Gable has been at the forefront of captivating audiences with visual communications that not only look amazing but address your strategic and budgetary goals. Take a look at our portfolio, which includes numerous casinos in the United States, to get a sense of what we can do for you:

What Types of Signs Can Help You Generate More Revenue?


Eye-catching wayfinding signage and targeted digital posters not only guide visitors through the sprawling casino floors but also create a seamless experience where guests can move easily from gaming to dining to lodging, spending more time and money at your property.

Coyote Valley Casino Event Center

A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs are a versatile and portable advertising tool you can use as an interactive element that can change in real time to highlight seasonal promotions, rewards programs, and special events and cross-promote other services at your venue.

Digital Displays

High-quality digital displays are being used to stream live esports competitions inside the casino, and our transparent LED window screens play content that is visible from inside and outside 24/7. Compared to traditional ad methods, such as billboards or print media, these displays can be updated easily and quickly with new content. This reduces the costs associated with printing and installation.

Hard Rock Casino, Cincinnati, OH

Classic Custom Signage

Classic custom signage still holds a functional and aesthetic place in casinos, providing utility and timeless elegance that complements the high-energy atmosphere. From iconic neon signs to wooden or metal signs that indicate VIP rooms, bars, or specific game areas, provide charm and nostalgia visitors enjoy.

With Gable, the Odds are Always in Your Favor

The suggestions above are just a few of the many options Gable offers to help you attract patrons seeking an immersive entertainment venue. We’ve been working in the gaming industry for over four decades and understand your unique challenges and opportunities and can offer you the following:

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