How Rental Car Companies Can Improve the Customer Experience from Gateways to Highways

Navigating Challenges in Modern Vehicle Rental Operations

Running vehicle rental operations is more challenging than ever. Vehicle sales are skyrocketing, there is a lingering labor shortage, meanwhile, customers’ expectations are continuously on the rise.  Creating a consistent customer experience is a high priority for these operators, but deploying new visual communication technology can be difficult to coordinate with all the teams involved.

And unlike traditional multi-location businesses, CONRACS are often faced with having to operate within a wide array of spaces usually determined by airports or property owners. While the trend is moving towards the retail model of space planning in newer construction, many locations are still stuck in the utilitarian locations of the past. This adds yet another layer of complexity when trying to create a cohesive customer experience.

Customer service car rental for transportation

For rental car companies to be successful in today’s modern age they need to create a cohesive customer experience that utilizes signage and technology to integrate an omnichannel marketing approach at every destination. Having a partner in the visual communications industry that can help guide car rental businesses through these challenges is key and that’s where Gable can lead the way.

Reduce Friction & Elevate Your Car Rental Brand With Gable

Recognizing these pain points, Gable delivers innovative, cost-effective solutions to help you improve your exit gate strategy. We address this in several ways:

Turnkey Scalable Solutions

As a visual communications firm, our range of capabilities includes design, fabrication, installation, and lifecycle management and service, giving you one point of contact every step of the way. This applies to a single location as well as multiple locations and large-scale rollouts.

Herts Chicago Airport wayfinding customer service for transportation

Reduced Wait Times

Our visual tools, from digital displays to A-frames, are designed to facilitate not just faster service but also to enhance the overall customer experience before and after they reach your service area, given data analytics and improved customer insights.

Holistic Approach

Our team is proficient at bridging gaps between different internal departments, be it marketing, design, construction, or airport management. Think of us as the nexus that helps ensure that your vision and goals are transformed into a tangible reality that resonates with customers.

Drive Brand Loyalty

In an industry where vehicles are a commodity and customers have multiple choices in providers at rental car facilities, it’s the experience that differentiates. We’ll help you engrave your brand in the minds of customers, ensuring they return time and again.

Transportation and Warehousing airport wayfinging
Tampa International Airport

Navigating Airport Protocols

We have vast experience working within airports and understand the nuanced approval processes, removing this administrative obstacle from your plate.

Sales Process Consistency & Upsells

Our solutions not only guide customers effortlessly from point A to B but also serve as an extension of your sales team, suggesting upsells like prepaid fuel, extra insurance, and more. These visual aids eliminate the need for over-reliance on staff to communicate these offerings, ensuring a consistent and impactful upselling process.
Atlantic Terminal Brooklyn NY
Atlantic Terminal

Technical Integration

Our technical prowess, combined with our deep understanding of brand dynamics, helps us integrate with your legacy systems, offering solutions that either modernize existing infrastructures or overhaul them without disrupting current features.

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