Permit Research & Acquisition

Navigating permitting can be a challenge. Let Gable be your guide.

Gable Takes the Pain Out of the Permitting Process

Securing a building or electrical permit for your project can be a complicated and frustrating part of any project. It can also be costly. Apart from the application fees, potential fines for non-compliance, and the time you’ll have to spend can add up quickly.

At Gable, we’ve been navigating the permit waters for over 40 years and have a team that is well-versed in working with local counties, townships, and jurisdictions. Let our permit team take on the research and acquisition burden for you. We can anticipate potential issues and streamline the process, freeing you up from these important yet time-consuming logistics.

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What Sets Gable’s Permitting & Acquisition Services Apart?

Dedicated Permit Department

Unlike many companies that may leave the permit acquisition to you or a salesperson unfamiliar with the process, we prioritize this crucial step. In fact, we’ve established a dedicated department solely for this purpose and take care of it all for you — before, during, and upon the final inspection, alleviating the most common frustrations, including:
  • Bureaucratic Delays & Dated Processes
  • Complex Documentation
  • Changing Regulations
  • Strict Aesthetic Requirements
  • Size and Placement Limitations
  • Fees & Fines
  • Inconsistencies Between Jurisdictions
  • Arbitrary Code Regulations
  • Negotiating with Policy Makers
  • Variances

AV Industry Perspective

While permit acquisition in the sign industry is routine, it’s less common in the AV sector. Our audio-visual capabilities will meet the stringent municipal requirements related to NEC, FCC, and safety (UL).

Nationwide Expertise

Our extensive network spans across the country. Rest assured, whether you’re in Baltimore, Maryland, Boise, Idaho, or anywhere else, our seasoned Project Managers will collaborate with licensed companies that are professionals in procuring and acquiring permits and manage the process on your behalf.

Variance Assistance

Facing unique hardships, such as obstructed signage due to new construction? We’re proficient in helping clients with variance requests. This involves not just seeking permission to deviate slightly from standard codes but also providing comprehensive support, including document preparation, aerial photographs, and testimonials. Our approach is unique and is a testament to our Client Services model.

Structural Design Team

Most installations require professional engineering certifications that assure the product is being manufactured and installed to meet or exceed building codes. Gable’s in-house structural specialists design every attachment detail and then collaborate with licensed engineering groups throughout the US to receive appropriate engineering stamps and seals. By utilizing our structural design team, we’re able to assist not only with projects we’ve engineered for you but also with products on structures that were provided by others, further reducing the variables you have to worry about.

Nothing is More Valuable Than Safety & Time

"I've worked in permitting for 10 years. I've done HVAC, Building, and Engineering permits. Sign permits are by far the most difficult to navigate."

Permits and special use zones have a lot of subjectivity and can be interpreted differently. Let our experienced permit experts work closely with local municipalities to keep your relationships favorable. Trying to cut corners or expedite the process can put you and your reputation in jeopardy and potentially harm your relationship with inspectors.

When you choose Gable, you’re not just selecting a service provider; you’re partnering with a team deeply committed to ensuring every aspect of your project is seamlessly managed. When it comes to permits and the overall client services experience at Gable, you can expect to get peace of mind.

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Beginning a project without the necessary permits can lead to fines, stop-work orders, loss of license, and the potential requirement to undo or redo work. It can also impact insurance claims.
Yes, prior to signing an agreement with Gable, we can typically conduct initial permit research and confirm whether a proposed solution is likely to be permittable in a given jurisdiction. This is generally part of our pre-proposal process. However, we cannot guarantee full permit research and information without a signed agreement in place.
The duration can vary based on the complexity of the project and the jurisdiction’s workload. It could be anywhere from a few days to several weeks or even longer for more involved projects.

Documentation required when applying for a permit typically includes:

  • Business license and federal tax ID
  • Scaled site plans showing property lines, buildings, and adjacent structures
  • Scaled drawings of the proposed work
  • Detailed installation and attachment methods
  • Property owner information and signed affidavit
  • Engineering plans if required by code
The cost of a permit varies widely depending on location, type of work, and project size. Some permits can be a few hundred dollars for simple residential projects, while complex commercial projects may require permit fees in the thousands of dollars. Gable works closely with clients during the estimating process to provide accurate permit cost estimates specific to their project jurisdiction and scope of work.
Whether a project requires engineering typically depends on the requirements of the local jurisdiction where the work will be performed. In general, if there are any life safety concerns related to a structure’s ability to withstand expected loads and stresses, an engineered design stamped by a licensed professional engineer may be required by building codes.
No, you cannot skip the permitting process even if reusing existing structures. The permitting process may actually be more complicated in this case, as Gable would need to validate the existing foundation and supports are adequate for the new installation. Without existing engineered drawings stamped by the county, Gable may need to do testing such as ground-penetrating radar to confirm the existing structures match assumptions.

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