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Crafting Lasting Impressions: The Power of Custom Signage

In today’s day and age, custom signs and letters are far more than location identifiers; they’ve evolved into beacons of professionalism and can enhance a brand’s presence — if designed, built, and maintained to high standards.

Picture this: as you drive down Main Street at night, you’re greeted by brilliantly illuminated signs that stand as beacons of your favorite businesses. These vibrant displays leave a positive and lasting impression, attracting foot traffic and boosting revenue.

Customized signage and letters are the silent partners in your business and can turn a simple name or logo into an experience. A well-made sign has the power to leave a lasting impression.

At Gable, you can trust our 40 years of design and fabrication experience combined with precision technology to create a solution that stands out and stands the test of time. This holds true for one-of-a-kind signs for a single entity, or signs built a thousand times for locations across the Nation.

What Type of Sign is Best for Your Business, Organization, or Brand?

Our signs aren’t one-size-fits-all; they’re tailored to your specific vision and goals. But when it comes to creating a custom sign or letters, the options can be overwhelming. With a deep portfolio of inspiring options, our team can help you determine which type of custom sign will be the right fit for your needs. Below we’ve included inspiration to help get you started:

Illuminated Letters

These are a specific type of electric sign where individual letters (3D or raised) are either back-lit or front-lit. They provide a distinct, polished look, allowing each letter of a brand’s name or logo to shine independently and enhance nighttime readability.

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Monument Signs

Act as substantial landmark identifiers, oftentimes at the entrance of a facility. They provide a dignified and lasting first impression at ground level.

Electric Signs

Also referred to as custom LED signs, neon signs, or lighted box signs, this category of signs includes any that utilize electricity to enhance 24/7 visibility and increased attention, boosting brand recognition day and night.

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Pylon Signs

Tower above surroundings to maximize visibility from afar, serving as a point of interest to draw customers to your business location. Freestanding pylon signs are often used to signal motorists on highways or main roads.

Wayfinding Signs​

All businesses and public spaces benefit from these types of signs. They help guide people through a physical environment, streamline navigation, and improve user experience while reinforcing brand consistency.

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Storefront Signs

Identify themselves and directly attract foot traffic. They offer the ability to effectively communicate your business’s presence and offerings at a glance.

High-Rise Building Signs

Ensure brand visibility from great distances, positioning your brand prominently in a city’s skyline. These are most often used on tall structures.

Browse High-Rise & Landmark projects.

Navigating Permitting Pitfalls For Custom Signs & Letters

Understanding the complexities of custom signage permitting can be a challenging endeavor – there’s no question about it. However, Gable is armed with the experience of handling a diverse range and scale of projects locally, regionally, and nationally and can alleviate this stress by navigating the permitting process on your behalf. We prepare, coordinate, and submit all necessary applications and documents to ensure compliance with local regulations so you don’t have to.

Custom Sign at Cabana Bay Beach Resort- Static Neon Sign Orlando, FL

Schedule & Budget Management

The Gable team is well-positioned to turn your ideas, no matter how rough or refined, into reality, all while managing schedules and budgets.

Over four decades in business have taught us that communication and clarity are key to successful projects and lasting relationships. Our team is committed to keeping you informed, involved, and empowered throughout the process to encourage creativity while maintaining a keen focus on our shared objectives.

Our team works closely with you to determine the best channels and frequency of interaction. Whether you prefer detailed progress reports or high-level budget summaries, our goal is to ensure you feel consistently connected, listened to, and cared for every step of the way.

Once your custom sign is up and performing well, we’re still here for you for many years to come. We offer warranty and repair programs to ensure your sign continues to standout.

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FAQs About Custom Signs & Letters:

Yes, you can have a completely custom sign! Any shape, size, color, or style you can imagine. We have an award-winning design team and a large portfolio of custom projects that you can use as a starting point if you need to kick-start your creativity.

The lifetime of a sign depends many aspects the sign’s construction, location, intended use and preventative maintenance history. Your sales solution consultant can give you specifics on each sign type that we produce and what the expected lifespan will be.

The design phase to installation depends on many factors. Your sales solution consultant will review your project scope with you and provide a general timeline for completion before you enter into an agreement.

Yes, Gable operates nationwide, serving clients throughout the United States, Hawaii, South America, Canada, and beyond.

Absolutely. Gable not only provides custom ADA-compliant signage but also offers comprehensive wayfinding design, message schedules with braille tactile translations, and comprehensive project budgets.

Our standard warranty for custom electric signs is one year for both parts and labor. Specific electrical components may have varying manufacturer warranties.

Gable boasts a team of professional project managers, who will communicate with you on the status of your project and navigate any challenges that may arise. The Project Management team facilitates the procurement of permits, technical drawings, coordination with manufacturing, shipment of your products to the job site, and supervision of the installation.

Certainly. Gable’s fabrication team comprises skilled and experienced craftsmen, true artisans in custom fabrication and unique metals. Over the years, we have successfully executed some of the nation’s most impressive and award-winning projects, many of which prominently featured detailed ornate metal fabrication.

While we do our best to accommodate rush jobs, meeting tight deadlines can be challenging given our high quality standards and custom fabrication process. The best way to discuss a rush order is to contact one of our solution consultants as early as possible.

The type of maintenance your sign requires will depend on several factors: 

  • The material and construction of your sign – Materials like metal, acrylic and LEDs have different care needs. 
  • Your sign’s location and environmental exposure – Signs outdoors need more frequent maintenance than indoor signs to withstand weathering. 
  • The age of your sign – older signs generally require more maintenance as parts wear down over time.

We recommend scheduling a preventative maintenance check-up so one of our technicians can fully assess your specific sign’s needs

Our warranty covers repairs or replacements should something go wrong within the coverage period. After the warranty expires, we’ll work with customers to find the most cost-effective solution to keep their sign looking its best. With over 40 years of experience, we’ve seen almost every potential problem and have the expertise to get signs back up and running as quickly as possible.

You Can Leave a Lasting Impression With a Custom Sign from Gable

We provide top-notch customer service for businesses of all sizes, creating custom signs and letters that tell your visual story in a unique and compelling way. If you have questions or need assistance with your specific sign requirements, we’re here to help.

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