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Once you’ve invested in premium video displays or audio-visual technology that elevates your guest experience, your next question is “How do I operate this new technology?”. The idea of training staff members or learning it for yourself might feel overwhelming. At Gable, we believe that a tool is only as effective as your ability to use it, and that is why we offer tailored training sessions aimed at demystifying the complex world of digital displays and audiovisual systems.

Whether you’re simply looking to understand the basics, how to upload images, or are interested in leveraging advanced features to increase revenue, we’re here to help. Our guidance can cover a wide range of strategies and functionalities, but we adapt our training to suit your specific needs and questions. Whether you’re the owner, marketer, or IT manager in charge of overseeing the digital signs, our ultimate goal is to empower you to manage your content as effortlessly as possible.

Gable training a client on how to replace a kiosk part.

Good technical competency will give you the confidence needed to get the best ROI from your system, and Gable delivers.

Here’s What You Can Expect from Gable’s Expert Training

Managing digital estate can be a complex task, but Gable makes it easier. Our comprehensive understanding of digital signage and systems integration allows us to equip you with the know-how you need to control your digital assets. Below is an overview of what we cover in our sessions:

Understanding the Basics

We start by giving you an overview of the CMS you’ll be using, ensuring you know how to navigate its user interface. We demystify what ‘offline’ means in the context of your system and show you how to check if your player is online, among other essential functionalities.

Content Upload and Management

Get acquainted with the types of content supported by your CMS, from images and videos to more advanced features like widgets and text elements. We’ll also guide you on how to manage the content once it’s uploaded.

Admin and User Management

We also walk you through the admin side of your system, including learning how to add or remove users, adjust permissions, and set content defaults. This ensures you can manage access and workflow within your team smoothly.

Scheduling and Publishing

Whether you’re using BrightSign, Navori, or another digital signage CMS, we teach you how to schedule content—either as individual pieces or within playlists—and how to publish these to your digital displays.

Customized To Your Display Type

Our training reflects the same integrated approach we take when designing your system based on tried-and-true standards. Regardless of whether you have an LED display or another kind, we tailor the workshops to align with the specifics of your technology so you know exactly what to expect.

Technical Overview

Understanding the backend is crucial. We cover aspects like remote screenshots, player settings, and network connectivity, which are essential for diagnosing issues and optimizing performance.

Troubleshooting and Support

We’ll go over common problems you might encounter and how to solve them. Our service desk is always available during business hours via, ensuring prompt assistance when you need it.

Reduction in Operational Costs

Over time, kiosks can reduce labor costs, especially during peak times when staffing needs are the highest.

At Gable, we don't just complete projects; we create solutions that empower our clients to succeed. I firmly believe that our commitment to understanding their unique needs and delivering innovative visual communication strategies is the driving force behind our clients' achievements.

With Training Comes Confidence

With Gable, you’ll walk away with a comprehensive understanding of your digital system, empowering you to navigate your digital displays and audiovisual systems more effectively and troubleshoot issues with confidence.

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Any single session is approximately 60-90 minutes. If additional time is needed, we’ll schedule a second session to help you retain the information better.
Absolutely! Our training sessions are tailored to focus on what’s most relevant to your business operations and display objectives.
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Our training is designed to be accessible to people of all technical skill levels.
Yes, we understand that businesses evolve, and new team members may require training. We can arrange for ongoing or refresher courses as needed.
The training is conducted by our experts, who have a holistic understanding of not just the software but the entire digital display system.
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