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From Aisles to Pumps, Gable Gives Stores a Lift

Improved Experiences Equal Increased Revenue

Beyond commodities, grocery and convenience stores are woven into the fabric of our daily lives. They are not just about product-stocked shelves; they are platforms of interaction and engagement and embody a sense of familiarity and reliability. These stores are strategically designed spaces where every aisle and every display is a testament to the diversity of consumer needs, preferences, and lifestyles. Every detail is meant to cater to the customer experience.

Like so many industries, grocery and convenience store retailers are supplementing their traditional signage and embracing digital transformation in order to compete — not only for market share but for consumer attention and loyalty.

Today’s customers are attached to their devices, crave instant gratification, and want to get the most bang for their buck as efficiently as possible. This tall request requires retailers to deliver across both traditional and digital channels in a secure, low-friction manner. Doing so requires a delicate balance between optimizing the in-store experience and maximizing ROI.
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Although grocery stores have been historically slower adopters, most have embraced e-commerce, online delivery, mobile apps, and loyalty programs. More progressive store designers and construction managers are raising the bar by adding electronic shelf labels (ESLs) to reflect real-time pricing changes, CPG promotions and co-op discounts, and in-store navigation to help shoppers find products and information faster. Some even offer smart carts and “just walk out” technology for a completely frictionless customer experience.
Hyvee forecourt gas station with storefront letters and digital gas price changer.

Convenience stores (C-Stores) have embraced some of these same features. They’ve also incorporated gas pump toppers, canopies, and self-service kiosks to cut down on long lines and address labor shortages. The larger C-Stores have started to incorporate elements of the quick-service restaurant (QSR) model into their operations, transitioning from fuel stops to integrated service destinations.

Both types of retailers have adopted in-store digital signage and displays — some with their own digital media network for additional revenue. They are used to promote daily specials, announce new items, and even share recipe ideas to cross-sell products to increase basket size. They can also be adjusted in real-time based on inventory or time of day. By analyzing data collected from various digital touchpoints, retailers can make better-informed decisions.

From brand identity to custom signs and letters and the onset of digital displays — all of these efforts to improve the customer experience boil down to a common goal — to get an uplift in basket size and increase revenue. For C-Stores, that means luring customers from the forecourt into their store for higher margin items like coffee, water and fountain drinks, tobacco and alcohol, and ATMs. Grocers share some of the same higher margin products as well as gourmet and prepared foods, private label products, health and beauty, and florals.

They also share some common challenges when it comes to incorporating digital signage and displays over large-scale, multi-location rollouts, including meeting brand standards, adhering to tight project schedules and seasonality, and navigating the intricate dance with landlords over property rights, access, and permits.

Transparent Digital Mesh hanging in a storefront window of a convenience store.
At Gable, we recognize your unique challenges and are ready to help you address them head-on. We have been at the forefront, supporting the largest grocery chains in America for over 40 years. Below are several examples to inspire you:

From Parking Lot to Pay Dirt

From exterior signage to innovative interior ESLs, our expertise has not only catered to traditional needs but has also ushered stores into the digital age. By designing branded environments and using digital signage, we’ve assisted many in their quest to grow their basket sizes and ensure customers don’t just stop at the pump.

You can count on Gable for:

Giant Grocery Stores sign

Turnkey Solutions

From illuminated letters inviting customers in, to wayfinding systems to guide them through and cutting-edge digital displays to boost in-store engagement and encourage impulse purchases, we offer a broad range of capabilities to help you thrive.

Consistent Point of Contact

We understand the importance of consistency. You’ll be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who is the best fit for your brand, ensuring a seamless experience throughout your journey with Gable.

Deep Industry Expertise

With relationships spanning over 15 years with top grocery retailers, we pride ourselves on understanding the nuances and intricacies of your industry.

Validated Results

Our C-Store customers have enjoyed a remarkable increase in sales as a result of our digital billboards — as much as a 30% surge in sales upon transitioning to our digital signage solutions.

Global Reach

While our competitors may boast a local presence, our strength resides in our turnkey capabilities, safety and quality rating, and decades-long relationships across multiple regions. Headquartered in Maryland, we serve clients nationwide and internationally.

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