How to Build a Winning Retail Media Network Team: From Strategy to Execution

Retail Media Network Team
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The sixth in a seven-part series by Stephen Gottlich, Solutions Consultant – Innovation and R&D at Gable.

As retail media networks (RMNs) continue to gain momentum in the grocery and convenience industry, building a strong team of experts is crucial to success. A winning RMN team should encompass a range of skills, including strategy, sales, operations, and technology.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the key roles and responsibilities essential to creating a high-performing RMN.

Building Your Retail Media Network Team

When building your retail media network team, you can hire internally, externally, or create a combination of both. The best approach will depend on your organization’s size, existing talent pool, and the specific needs of your RMN.

Hybrid Retail Media Network Team
  • Internal hiring: allows you to leverage existing talent within your organization who are already familiar with your company’s culture, values, and processes. This can lead to a smoother transition and faster implementation of your RMN strategy. However, ensuring that your internal hires possess the necessary skills and expertise to drive your RMN forward is essential.

  • External hiring: allows you to bring in fresh perspectives and specialized skills that may not be available within your current team. This can be particularly beneficial in niche areas like digital out-of-home (DOOH) and digital display advertising, where specific expertise is required. However, some external hires may require more time to acclimate to your company’s culture and processes.

  • A combination of internal and external hiring: can provide the best of both worlds, allowing you to leverage existing talent while also bringing in specialized expertise where needed. This approach can help you build a well-rounded team that is equipped to handle the various challenges and opportunities of your RMN.

Sales and Marketing Retail Media Network Team Regardless of your hiring approach, ensuring that your RMN team is well-integrated with other departments, such as marketing, merchandising, and IT, is crucial to ensure a cohesive and aligned strategy across your organization.

Key Skill Sets for Your Retail Media Network Team

To build a successful RMN, you’ll need a team of skilled professionals with expertise in various areas. Key areas of expertise to consider when building your RMN team include:

  1. Strategy:
    • Professionals who can develop a clear vision and roadmap for your RMN
    • Experts in identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) and setting measurable financial goals 
    • Individuals skilled in collaborating with cross-functional teams to align RMN initiatives with overall business objectives
  2. Sales:
    • Team members who can build and maintain relationships with CPG partners
    • Professionals experienced in negotiating and executing advertising contracts and have experience in the ever-growing programmatic ad space.
    • Individuals who can develop compelling sales pitches and presentations
  3. Operations:
    • Experts in overseeing the day-to-day management of your RMN
    • Professionals who can ensure smooth integration of CPG partner content
    • Individuals skilled in monitoring and optimizing campaign performance
  4. Technology and Digital Expertise:
    • Team members who can develop and maintain the technical infrastructure supporting your RMN
    • Experts in integrating data from various sources to build unified customer views
    • Professionals experienced in implementing and optimizing ad serving and measurement platforms
    • Individuals with expertise in DOOH and digital signage and LED displays to create engaging, visually stunning content
    • Experts in optimizing the placement and scheduling of digital displays to maximize visibility and impact
data analytics
    • Professionals skilled in utilizing advanced technologies, such as computer vision and AI, to personalize content and measure engagement
    • Individuals who can analyze performance data to continuously refine and improve your DOOH and digital display strategies
By assembling a team with these diverse skill sets, you’ll be well-equipped to build and scale a successful retail media network that drives results for your organization and your CPG partners.

Appointing Central Leadership to Run Point on Your RMN

To ensure the success of your retail media network, we can’t underscore enough how essential it is to appoint central leadership that can align strategies across various functions, including retail merchandising, marketing, and media monetization. This leadership role should be responsible for:

  1. Developing a cohesive, company-wide vision for your RMN
  2. Fostering collaboration and communication between different teams and departments
  3. Ensuring that RMN initiatives are aligned with overall business goals and objectives
  4. Advocating for the necessary resources and support to scale your RMN over time

With the right talent and leadership in place, you’ll be well-positioned to tap into your RMN’s full potential and drive measurable outcomes for your grocery or convenience store.

"Gable has done a great job with the ModWash brand. They have a great team and I have enjoyed working with them! Luis, Stephanie, and Christi all have done an awesome job getting signage delivered!"
Testimonials, Morgan Turner
Morgan Turner

Let’s Work Together

At Gable, we understand the importance of having the right team in place to build and scale a successful RMN. Our experts are ready to become an extension of your team, bringing innovative DOOH and digital display solutions to elevate your RMN. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and your CPGs to drive results.
Our approach ensures quality, uptime, and expertise by providing:

  • Strategic consultation
  • Technologically advanced hardware
  • Content creation
  • Aftercare maintenance

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