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Many retailers — from convenience stores and CPGs to shopping mall managers and marketers — have embraced digital display advertising as a means to drive revenue. In fact, globally, spending on DOOH is projected to grow from $7.5B in 2020 to $15.9B in 2027 (Statista). Most understand its potential, but fewer know how to extract and interpret the data and put the insights to valuable use.

At Gable, we bring an unprecedented blend of technology, strategy, and data intelligence to address this very issue. Here, your digital advertising—be it Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) or other digital displays—is not just another channel but a powerful tool to engage, measure, and influence consumer habits and behavior. However, there are multiple pieces to this complex digital landscape puzzle that require integrated expertise.

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We can offer you the whole picture — from creating a DOOH strategy to installing a digital retail media network— so you can make better-informed decisions about your digital media investments.

Brands Benefit from Our Integrated Approach

When competing for impressions and consumer attention, you want a strategic partner who knows the nuances of the built environment and can offer you guidance and advice that will increase dwell times. In a fractured industry where the products, parts, and intel are typically sold separately, our holistic approach to digital content management and analytics is a refreshing change and a welcome addition to your marketing department. We can help you determine what worked and what didn’t, how to adjust it, and offer proof that people are watching. When watchers become buyers, the ROI is clear.

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Innovation and Privacy are Our Priorities

In today’s world, the big tech giants are called on to make data privacy a priority while they embrace the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Apple now lets users say ‘no thanks’ to being tracked by apps, and Google is moving away from using third-party cookies. As for insights, AI is making contextual analysis more accessible by distilling volumes of data and conveying insight into customer values, preferences, and perceptions.

So, what does that mean for you here at Gable? We follow and evaluate the best-in-class technology trends so we can help you consider the right fit for your operational needs. Although there are several different data collection methods like cameras and sensors, WiFi tracking, and Bluetooth beacons, our mission is to make your life better with amazing, smart spaces while keeping personal information safe and sound. We’re here to lead the way in a world where you don’t have to choose between innovative services and staying compliant.

At Gable, we don't just complete projects; we create solutions that empower our clients to succeed. I firmly believe that our commitment to understanding their unique needs and delivering innovative visual communication strategies is the driving force behind our clients' achievements.

Transform Your Data into Actionable Insights

Discover how Gable’s suite of capabilities offers comprehensive solutions that not only gather invaluable customer insights but also streamline your marketing efforts, all while maximizing your budget and business impact.

In-Store Customer Insights

With Gable’s integrated technology, you can go beyond the usual checkout data. Learn not just who buys something but also gain insights into visitors who browse and leave without making a purchase. Understand consumer patterns to better tailor your in-store experience.

Complete Marketing Solutions

Many retailers have pieces of the digital bundle but are unsure where to get the other ingredients and how best to leverage them. Gable makes it easy by offering end-to-end solutions for your digital marketing needs. From the strategy and technology to the content, we’ve got you covered.

Industry Connections

Looking for specialized DOOH advertising or marketing services? Gable has an extensive network in the industry, including collaborative relationships with DOOH companies that will help fill the gaps in your digital media network. This multi-faceted approach ensures a well-rounded advertising strategy.

Data-Driven Validation

Gable offers powerful tools to validate the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and proof of play. Evidence-based insights empower you to make smarter business decisions, enhancing both customer experience and ROI.

Our Solutions in Media Management, Monitoring & Analytics:

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