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Transforming Campuses: The Role of Signage and AV in Modern Education

At the core of higher education is the timeless pursuit of wisdom, where every lecture, seminar, and research project is a step toward gaining a deeper understanding. Institutions serve not just as centers of academic excellence but play an integral, emotional role in a student’s journey of personal growth and empowerment. Campuses serve as a canvas where individuals paint their dreams and aspirations and lay the foundation for impactful careers and meaningful lives.

However, institutional leaders across the globe are navigating a multifaceted landscape, contending with not only fiscal concerns but a myriad of socio-political, technological, and cultural shifts. The future of higher education is being reshaped by a tapestry of challenges and opportunities that require a forward-thinking approach.

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Howard University campus sign displaying the message "Welcome Back Faculty".

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many higher education institutions quickly adopted technology as an immediate solution. Now, many are making long-term plans to integrate technology into education, utilizing a tribrid model — the flow between in-person, online, and simulated teaching environments. Technology like AI, virtual and augmented reality (VAR), Digital Twins, and the Metaverse are already greatly influencing how colleges and universities operate. In fact, by 2025, worldwide spending on digital education is expected to surpass $350 billion.

However, the primary means by which institutions will solve their fiscal concerns is through recruitment and enrollment. Developing a strong and consistent brand for an institution is one of the most important enrollment strategies. Branding helps build familiarity with potential students and gain their trust (and that of their parents, who frequently foot the bill). It also sets an institution apart from the competition and increases the likelihood of finding students who are a good fit.

Leaders and marketers of higher education institutions around the country have chosen Gable as the right fit to help them reach their strategic goals through visual communications. Below are several examples to inspire you:

Gable Gives Your Institution a Competitive Edge

With so many obstacles and opportunities, how do you attract and retain students? Gable has the following solutions:

Brand Building and Attraction

Universities and colleges face stiff competition in attracting and enrolling top students, so you need to keep your school relevant and relatable. Striking visual displays and signage can boost your institution’s brand — from academics to athletics — making it more attractive to prospective students, alumni, and donors.

DO GOOD LED sign at night outside of a campus building at the University of Maryland.
University of Maryland, College Park


Campuses are under pressure to be inclusive and cater to a diverse student population, both culturally and in terms of accessibility needs. Signage can be a visual representation of your institution’s commitment to these values. We can support multiple languages, inclusive restrooms, safe spaces for LGBTQ+ community members, affirmative messaging, and inclusive imagery.

Howard University Fine Arts Building.
Howard University, Washington D.C.

Promotion of Campus Events

With large campuses and multiple channels of communication, ensuring that important information reaches all students, staff, and faculty can be a hurdle. Large format LED screens and video walls can be used to promote campus events and activities, fostering a sense of community.

Coppin State University building with large university letters on top of building.
Coppin State University, Baltimore MD

Virtual Tours & Tech Support

For prospective students or those unable to visit your school in person, AV tools can provide virtual tours of the campus, giving a feel of it from anywhere in the world. You can also count on Gable for reliable programming and our Rapid Response Technical Support team, which is knowledgeable about the campus systems and building layouts.

Interior Digital Display at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Audiovisual Integration
John Hopkins University, Baltimore MD

Interactive Learning

Once students are enrolled, ensuring they stay engaged, supported, and ultimately graduate is another challenge. AV solutions, like smartboards and interactive displays, can transform your classrooms into dynamic learning environments catering to various learning styles.

University of Maryland Performance Center with Maryland branding and turf field.
University of Maryland, College Park

Feedback and Engagement

Interactive kiosks can be used to gather feedback from students about various aspects of campus life, helping you and fellow decision-makers act on concerns promptly.

Navigation and Accessibility

Clear wayfinding signage and directories ensure that students, especially newcomers, feel welcomed. It’s also essential for meeting ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements so your students and faculty who may have special needs can easily navigate spaces and not feel overwhelmed.

Wayfinding Parking Sign Lot P at Howard University.
Howard University, Washington D.C.

Emergency Alerts

Ensuring the safety and well-being of your students, faculty, and staff is paramount, especially in light of concerns about campus violence, mental health, and now, health safety due to pandemics. Digital signage can serve as an effective tool for broadcasting emergency alerts or important announcements in real-time.

Interactive Digital Displays at UPenn College of Nursing.
UPenn College of Nursing, Philadelphia PA

Cost Efficiency

Public funding for higher education has been declining in many regions, leading to tighter budgets. Digital signage can be updated with minimal costs compared to traditional print, allowing for dynamic content changes. We also offer discounts off manufacturer list prices and hourly rates when issued multi-year contracts.

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Boost Engagement with Strategic Visual Solutions

By addressing these pain points through the strategic use of visual communications, signage, and AV, higher education institutions can enhance the overall campus experience, improve engagement, and remain competitive in an ever-evolving educational landscape.

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