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Creative Signage That Turns Passersby into Patrons

As a consumer, restaurant-goers naturally gravitate toward their favorite places, often influenced by the quality of food, drinks, or service. However, the power of consistent expectations should not be underestimated, and a restaurant’s signage plays a pivotal role in setting and reinforcing those expectations.

A well-designed sign serves as a symbol of that consistency, giving customers a visual cue of what they can look forward to each time they step through the doors. Whether it’s a 5-star steak house with a rustic logo sign that inspires a date night selfie or a national QSR that conveniently serves up their daily breakfast at an interactive digital kiosk — signs are more than location identifiers. Signage communicates the promise of a certain emotional experience. It’s this emotional connection, often initially sparked and continuously reinforced by effective signage, that turns first-time visitors into lifelong patrons.

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As a restaurant owner, what does that mean for you? Well, researchers at Harvard have found that if you increase repeat visits by 5%, you can raise your profits anywhere from 25 to 125%. Additionally, a recent industry study proves that a single-location digital board increases sales by 2%. With pastry-thin margins in the restaurant segment, even a 1–2% increase in sales can turn a food service business from a survivor into a thriver.

As a visual communications firm, Gable helps restaurant and cafe executives build and execute an effective food service industry strategy. To avoid being part of the restaurant failure statistics, you need to keep up with innovations that improve efficiency and, as a result, your margins.

It’s not enough to simply have a tantalizing menu and an inviting interior; restaurant owners must also effectively communicate their brand and offerings to the outside world. This is where Gable excels.

For examples of our restaurant work in action, see below:

Serving Up the Solutions You Need

We offer a comprehensive suite of products and services tailored for restaurants and cafes, including:

As restaurants increasingly adopt digital and point-of-service systems that include advanced analytics and performance metrics, Gable’s services dovetail perfectly with this technological evolution. Our digital menu boards and visual communication platforms are designed to integrate seamlessly with these systems, offering not just aesthetic appeal but also valuable data insights.

By choosing Gable, you not only elevate your branding and customer experience but also arm your establishment with the tools needed to innovate and thrive in a constantly evolving marketplace.

While many restaurant owners invest heavily in interior design, they often overlook the crucial role of exterior presentation and curb appeal. Gable’s expertise ensures that the essence of your restaurant is not confined to the four walls but is communicated compellingly to passersby, attracting, informing, and inspiring them to become patrons.

The complexities of the restaurant business also call for flexible solutions and collaboration. Chain restaurants often have rigid sign requirements and reside in leased properties. Our integrated systems aren’t just focused on the technology but are fueled by our proficiency in structural design and integrated AV systems, making us an ideal partner to enhance and elevate your built environment while respecting property owner requirements.

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