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Enhancing Public Spaces by Improving Accessibility, Navigation, and Engagement

Kiosks Provide Clarity & Convenience at a Customer’s Fingertips

In the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced world, today’s digital age demands solutions that are up-to-the-minute, interactive, and accurately targeted — requirements that Gable’s interactive kiosks and interactive billboard displays consistently deliver.

Whether it’s about increasing brand awareness and revenue in shopping malls or enhancing visitor wayfinding experiences at airports and convention centers, Gable’s information kiosks are built to align with your unique needs and create solutions that deliver measurable results.

Simon Interactive Kiosk in an indoor shopping mall.

The success of interactive kiosks largely depends on their location, ease of use, integration with other systems, and your specific needs. We’ll work with you to evaluate all of these factors before you purchase a single product.

Our expertise in touch screen kiosks, directories, and digital displays is the result of our commitment to innovation in the visual communications industry. Our team offers you integrated expertise, including design, manufacturing, installation, and service experience combined with a relentless pursuit of innovation. It’s truly a one-stop-shopping experience to help make your digital signage kiosk solution pay off.

How Can Interactive Kiosks Boost My Retail Business?

If you’re considering adding digital kiosks or directories to your space, you may find the following information helpful in your decision-making process:

Upselling & Increased Sale

Kiosks incorporate add-ons and upsell prompts as guests order to increase check sizes with every order.

Reduced Wait Times

In environments like quick-service restaurants (QSRs), kiosks can reduce the average transaction time, leading to shorter lines and happier customers.

Advertising Revenue

Retailers can monetize kiosks by featuring third-party advertisements, turning them into an additional revenue stream. They can also create their own retail media network, blending 3rd party ads and their own media onto their displays.

Customer Data Insights

Kiosks can provide retailers with vital data about customer preferences, behavior, and purchase patterns, allowing for more personalized marketing.

Improved Inventory Management

Some kiosks can be integrated with your retail inventory system, allowing customers to check for product availability, sizes, or colors. This integration can reduce the load on sales staff and improve the overall shopping experience.

Foot Traffic

An NCR report noted that over 70% of shoppers prefer stores with kiosk solutions, indicating that such stores can potentially attract more foot traffic.

Customer Engagement

Interactive kiosks can serve as an informational point, helping customers make informed decisions. This added value can lead to increased customer loyalty.

Reduction in Operational Costs

Over time, kiosks can reduce labor costs, especially during peak times when staffing needs are the highest.

We Collaborate with Innovative Digital Signage Software Providers:

The Gable Advantage: Exploring the Benefits of Our Kiosks

Given the complexity of implementing successful kiosk programs, our clients, who are often facility managers, business owners, and professional marketers, appreciate our full-service approach that includes hardware, software, and service. We also provide the following value-adds:

Strategic Insight

We don't just deliver a product; we provide a strategic solution. By understanding your business objectives and your audience's needs, we help you leverage our kiosks as effective tools for wayfinding, information dissemination, and user engagement. This targeted strategy amplifies your brand visibility and maximizes your return on investment.

Atlantic Terminal Interactive Kiosk in Brooklyn, New York.
Custom interactive kiosk in Hackensack New Jersey.

Client-Centric Collaboration

We bring solutions that just make sense for your business. By listening to and learning from our clients, we deliver interactive kiosks that drive business success, enhance customer engagement, and contribute meaningfully to the built environment.

Custom Fabrication

Tailored to meet your specific needs, our uniquely designed interactive kiosks and directories ensure your brand stands out in busy spaces. Creating visually appealing designs that complement your brand's identity, we offer a distinctive form of engagement that resonates with your target audience.

Tanger Outlets Interactive Kiosk
Gable Interactive Kiosk in King of Prussia Mall.

Lifecycle Management

From initial design to post-installation support, we oversee the entire lifecycle of your kiosk program. This comprehensive approach ensures consistency in quality, on-time completion, and efficient troubleshooting – making your journey with us seamless and hassle-free.

We understand each project is a puzzle with its own unique pieces, which is why we tailor every solution to meet your needs and bring your vision to life.

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Gable offers several content management options for kiosks and digital signage networks. This includes content scheduling and delivery software that you can use to update messaging and media themselves on a self-service basis. We also provide full content services packages where our design team assists with the creation, proofing, and deployment of all display content. Through our managed services group, we offer 24/7 monitoring, updates, and support over the lifetime of an interactive kiosk and directory project.

Absolutely, our in-house design studio has extensive experience creating solutions that seamlessly blend into any brand environment through custom enclosures, graphic treatments and complementary wayfinding elements. This approach ensures kiosks enhance, rather than detract from, the overall customer experience.

By using various metrics and statistics to evaluate kiosk performance, including user engagement, sales uplift, and traffic redirection, you can determine the ROI and continuously optimize kiosk programs for greater impact.

While some technical expertise is helpful, Gable aims to provide kiosk solutions that require minimal technical skills to manage and maintain on an ongoing basis. Our dedicated Managed Services team is available for remote or on-site support as needed. We offer training for you to perform basic operations like content updates, preventative maintenance checks, and troubleshooting common issues themselves with minimal disruption.

Yes, modern kiosk platforms support multi-lingual capabilities. Gable can configure the on-screen interface, inputs/outputs, and content management system to display messages and accept inputs in multiple languages depending on the needs and demographics of each client’s specific locations and users.
Yes, with the appropriate content management system, modern POS and inventory control systems can interface and share data to allow for real-time updates of product availability on kiosk displays. This level of integration ensures customers always have accurate information displayed. We work with you to evaluate, set up, and test integrations with their existing back-end systems.
Yes, Gable’s dedicated Managed Services division has expert CTS-certified technicians available to provide on-site support and repairs if a kiosk encounters any issues. With technicians located throughout major regions across the country, we can dispatch a service call promptly to minimize downtime.
Yes, Gable works with several financing partners who offer leasing programs and solutions tailored for digital signage, kiosks, and AV equipment. This can include flexible payment terms to accommodate a variety of budgets. Our representatives would be happy to discuss the available leasing and financing options for interactive kiosks and directories during the proposal process.
We design kiosks using durable commercial-grade materials to withstand heavy usage in public environments. The expected lifespan of a kiosk can vary depending on factors like daily traffic levels, climate controls, and quality of maintenance.
While kiosk technology has advanced to handle higher ambient light levels, screen performance can still be impacted in very bright locations like direct sunlight or areas with intense overhead lighting. Gable works closely with you to evaluate specific installation sites and will take precautions as needed, such as utilizing covers, brighter displays or placement adjustments to ensure optimal screen visibility and readability under all anticipated lighting scenarios.
Kiosks can collect anonymous, aggregate data about users such as traffic patterns, dwell times, and demographic trends (estimated age/gender) through integrated cameras and sensors. This data does not involve the collection or storage of personally identifiable information or photographs. Gable only reports high-level analytics to help clients understand user behavior and optimize the experience over time. All data handling adheres to industry privacy standards and regulations.
Yes, Gable provides comprehensive training either on-site or remotely to ensure customers fully understand how to use, maintain and support kiosks themselves.
Our kiosks are designed with modularity and expandability in mind. As technology evolves, we aim to keep your systems up to date through software and hardware upgrades. Additional peripherals or capabilities can often be seamlessly integrated into existing kiosks down the road. Our managed services team provides ongoing support over the lifespan of deployments to facilitate any future adaptations that maximize the long-term value and functionality of installed solutions.

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