Bright Display™ Lightboxes – The Biggest Bang for Your Retail Dollars

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You’ve probably heard us talk about our digital retail solutions. Well, we’re here to shed some light on alternative, cost-effective solutions like our Bright Display™ lightboxes.

Sometimes size does matter, Bright Display™ lightboxes help you get the biggest bang for your buck. They are quick to install, and the removable faces make content easy-to-change. These lightboxes feature bright, vibrant LED-backlit systems, which provide a very attractive platform for color advertisements. Custom sizes fit virtually any space and the light-weight, durable aluminum framing gives the design a long lifespan whether they are mounted or freestanding in indoor or outdoor spaces.

Bright Display™ lightboxes deliver high-impact ad space to promote upcoming holiday specials and showcase the hottest new products of the year. They are a perfect fit for semi-permanent installations with interchangeable fabric faces that make it easy and efficient to swap out new content. Not only are Bright Display™ lightboxes great to promote in-store specials, but they effectively Turn Blank Walls into a New Revenue Stream.

Bright Display™ lightboxes can be seamlessly integrated into any environment. Smaller sizes are great to promote on end-caps and tight high-traffic areas while larger sizes can be used as backdrops or eye-catching ceiling enhancements. You can even further customize them with decorative frames, bases, and legs. If you’re looking to promote daily specials (dayparting content) and show dynamic, you might be suited for some of our digital solutions. Bright Displays deliver a big and bright impact for a fraction of the cost. Learn more about our other retail solutions here.

Gable works with our clients to understand their business and develop a strategy to support their goals. We help retailers grow revenue and reduce costs while improving customer experiences. We believe in relationships and helping people and businesses make real results. If you’re looking for consultation, integration, support, CMS, and content creation to get the most out of your visual solution investments, let’s chat.

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