Gable Internationally Recognized and Awarded for Digital-Out-Of-Home & Innovation

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Gable Internationally Recognized and Awarded for Digital-Out-Of-Home & Innovation

The Awards

The Digital Signage Awards (DSA) are independent and, over the last nine years, have recognized great companies, projects, content, campaigns and products from across the world. They are supported by leading companies keen to promote excellence and innovation throughout the sector.

With entries up 50% from previous years and representing over 50 counties from around the world, the remarkable submissions made for stiff competition in the Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) and Innovation sectors. The panel of 28 experts had their work cut out for them at the awards ceremony held in Amsterdam on Wednesday, February 6th.

Gable was honored to be internationally recognized in the DOOH and Innovation category, taking home the High Commendation Award. This award was accepted by Gable’s Senior Vice President of Innovation and Strategy, Stephen Gottlich, who was also an awards presenter at the DSA ceremony during ISE 2019.

The Project

After working with Gable on a series of digital projects, Simon recognized Gable’s ability to deliver end-to-end solutions, and teamed up with Gable to create a solution that would encompass hardware, software, and content management systems needed to create world-class digital displays and interactive directories for its properties.

Realizing that the shopping experience is paramount, we began developing a platform to display ads to shoppers, giving them the control of interacting with shopping center information.

Through digital spectaculars, interactive wayfinding kiosks, and digital ad panels, retailers are connecting with shoppers more than ever. With these new solutions, the development of private media networks can now be maximized with paid advertising providing a high return on investment. Not only can Simon provide advertisers with direct media opportunities but through automated programmatic software, they can offer advertising based on occupancy on their private digital network. This new revenue stream provides a method for monetizing virtual real estate that can supplement capital expenditure of the technology and infrastructure support.

There are currently over 600 screens installed throughout the United States representing countless eyes per day. The views from the digital spectaculars and digital ad panels provide valuable data analytics, credibility, and advertising revenue. From data and connectivity to programmatic enhancements and recurring revenue, we bring everything together to deliver successful digital integrations with peace of mind.

The Team

This incredible accomplishment is the result of our dedicated team made up of Concept Artists, Designers, AV Designers, Architects, Engineers, Makers, Project Managers, Storytellers, Wayfinding Experts, and so many more. We have an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team who is responsible for developing and integrating digital programs for all our clients looking for a way to monetize their virtual real estate.

“This team has had many sleepless nights, countless hours and tight deadlines. It is great to be recognized for the good work that Gable is doing every day.”, said Chris Monson, Director of Customer Care & Digital Operations for Gable.

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