Turn Blank Walls into a New Revenue Stream

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When a retail property is evaluated, it can be surprising how much available space is unused for connecting with consumers, enhancing the shopping environment, and promotional use. These spaces are excellent ways to not only enhance customer experience but to also generate revenue using visual solutions such as digital kiosks, digital posters, and lightboxes. While going digital can provide huge benefits in engagement, we can all agree that not all spaces warrant the expense of digital signage. Factors such as traffic patterns, accessibility, and short- and long-term use of an area should be considered (e.g. pending construction areas wouldn’t justify a permanent digital installation). These spaces can be prime opportunities for static lightboxes that promote brand awareness. They can even provide ongoing income, creating an ROI for the property owner.

Brands are willing to invest in advertising to promote their products and services. Bright Display™ lightboxes can transform blank walls into a new revenue stream. Through sponsorship, direct ads, event promotions, and more, these easy-to-use, effective solutions promote brands within a retail space. Bright Display™ lightboxes leverage the power of co-op advertising to create a cost-effective way for retailers to not only pay for the initial hardware investment but to deliver ongoing income for years to come. Think of your local convenience or grocery store for example. Manufacturers pay the store to promote their products in high-traffic areas such as endcaps to better reach their target markets. Both parties mutually benefit – the manufacturer gets to move more product and the retailer gets compensated for showcasing that specific brand.

Bright Display™ lightboxes are quick to install, and the removable faces make content easy-to-change. These lightboxes feature bright, vibrant LED backlit systems, which provide a very attractive platform for color advertisements. Custom sizes fit virtually any space and the light-weight, durable aluminum framing gives the design a long lifespan whether they are mounted or freestanding in indoor or outdoor spaces.

Gable works with our clients to understand their business and develop a strategy to support their goals. We help retailers grow revenue and reduce costs while improving customer experiences. We believe in relationships and helping people and businesses make real results. If you are looking to add a couple of cheap products to your cart and check out, we probably won’t be a good fit. But if you’re looking for consultation, integration, support, CMS, and content creation to get the most out of your visual solution investments, let’s talk. Feel free to reach out directly to Stephen Gottlich, Gable’s SVP of Innovation and Strategy.

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