How Simon Property Group Developed a Private Media Network for Virtual Real Estate by Integrating World-class Technology

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Simon Property Group, a global leader in the ownership of 325 premier shopping, dining, entertainment, and mixed-use destinations and an S&P 100 company, chose Gable to create a solution that would encompass hardware, software, and management systems needed to create world-class digital displays and interactive directories for its properties. Realizing that the shopping experience is paramount, we set out to create the future of the shopping experience including digital and interactive solutions while at the same time benefiting from the development of a private media network, a new revenue stream within its existing portfolio of properties.

We started our journey with Simon with the goal to develop a platform for displaying spectacular ads to shoppers and giving them the power of interacting with shopping center information through research and development.  We spanned the world analyzing industry and technological trends to support the initial development of digital technology to enhance the shopping experience with interactive wayfinding, shopping deals, and more. The selected technology would need to serve up high-definition advertising that would be paid for by advertisers.

This new revenue source from Simon’s innovative digital technology – dubbed Digital Spectaculars, Digital Wayfinding Kiosks and Digital Ad Panels would not only create a new source of revenue via advertising income but had another benefit of rapidly paying for the capital expenditure of the technology.

Now, not only can Simon provide advertisers with direct media opportunities such as product sponsorships, but through automated programmatic software, they can offer open occupancy space on their private media network. This new revenue stream provides a method for monetizing virtual real estate that can supplement capital expenditure of the technology and infrastructure support.

“The directories are really simple to market to the advertisers who support the system. It’s a beautiful design. It is striking from a distance. It catches your attention. The content management system is, as far as the advertiser is concerned, is turnkey. They provide us the artwork, and we take care of everything from there.” – Chip Harding, SVP, Business Development, Simon Property Group

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