The Emergence of Experiential Marketing (Retail Today)

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Feature by Paul Gable, Founder, President & CEO, Gable

The Quarterly Executive Roundtable by Retail Today aims to keep you informed, empowering you to make informed business decisions. Paul Gable speaks about the emergence of experiential marketing:

Paul Gable, Founder, President & CEO of Gable

As retailers continue competing to create welcoming and engaging shopping experiences, we are seeing more integrated technologies such as interactive kiosks, digital video walls, and game simulators in stores. In addition, retailers are investing in their physical spaces with unique architectural elements and custom signage, attracting and enhancing the overall aesthetics of their locations. Creating an environment where people can immerse themselves in the experience promotes engagement with the brand beyond just browsing and buying products; it’s much more.

Paul Gable, Founder, President & CEO, Gable

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