20+ DOOH Terms to Help You Better Understand Digital-Out-Of-Home

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Sometimes, the new language of DOOH (that’s Digital Out-of-Home) sounds like another language.

We get it! That’s why we’ve listed the most common terms in the DOOH (or OOH aka Out-of-Home as the traditional reference) world that we hear. And if they seem like “no brainers”, then congratulations! You’re ahead of the pack. And if they’re new to you, no worries. We’ve got your back*.

Campaign – The interval of time when a DOOH/OOH advertising campaign is run.

CPM – Cost Per Thousand – The cost of delivering 1,000 impressions from individuals who notice the advertising on displays in a market.

Digital Billboard – Billboards that can change advertising content using digital technology. Content is static with multiple advertising messages presented in rotation every few seconds.

Digital OOH Media – Any OOH display that can change its advertising content using addressable screen technology.

Digital Place-Based Media – Addressable OOH screens that change advertising content remotely, excluding roadside digital OOH media such as billboards and bus shelters. Digital place-based media includes a broad range of content including static messages and full-motion video with an audio track.

Distribution – The strategic placement of OOH units across a market. The distribution of units will impact the reach of the campaign and the demographic profile of the audience that is delivered.

DMA – Designated Market Area – A television market area defined by Nielsen Media Research that is also used by advertisers for multi-media planning. DMAs are non-overlapping and cover the entire United States.

Dwell Time – The interval of time when a consumer is in close proximity to an OOH ad.

Effective Reach – The number of persons within the target audience exposed to the advertising schedule an average of three or more times.

Embellishment – Letters, figures, mechanical devices or lighting that is attached to the face of an OOH unit to create a special effect.

Exposure – As derived from TAB’s visibility research, a physiological or behavioral measure of actual eye contact with an OOH media unit and its advertising. TAB OOH Ratings are derived from the adjustment of circulation or passing to those who notice the advertising.

Impressions – The total number of times people are likely to notice an ad on an OOH display. Gross impressions are those delivered against a demographic audience for an advertising schedule. In-Market impressions are the average number of times people that live in a defined market (e.g. a DMA or CBSA) are likely to notice an ad on an OOH display. In-Market Impressions exclude Impressions derived from people who travel into or through the market but live outside of it. In-Market Impressions are the audience from which GRPs are calculated.

Line of Sight – The simultaneous viewing of more than one OOH unit.

Location List – A listing of all locations and displays included in a specific OOH program.

Market – Geographically defined areas used to buy and sell media. Standard markets definitions are DMAs and CBSAs.

Off-Premise Sign – A sign that advertises products or services that are not sold, produced, manufactured or furnished on the property where the sign is located. An OOH display is an off-premise sign.

On-Premise Sign – A sign that advertises products or services that are sold, produced, manufactured or furnished on the property where the sign is located.

Opportunity to See (OTS) – A basic measure of media exposure. OTS estimates are measures of media exposure (e.g. magazine readership or the TV program exposures) and not the advertising. OTS is today’s standard for reporting ratings for all media types except OOH.

Out-of-Home Media (OOH) – All media formats specifically intended to reach consumers outside the home.

Place-Based Media – OOH media used to create customized advertising programs generally targeting specific consumer audiences. This includes advertising in, but is not limited to: arenas and stadiums, retail video retail networks, health clubs and gym, bar and restaurants, and movie theaters.

Proof-of-Performance (POP) – Certification by an OOH company that contracted advertising services has been rendered.

Target Audience – Any audience reflecting the most desired consumer prospects for a product or service, defined by age, sex, race, ethnicity or income; or their combinations for any geographic definition.

Target Rating Points (TRPs) – The total number of in-market impressions from a target audience delivered by an OOH campaign expressed as a percentage of a market population.

Traffic Count – The recording of the vehicles and pedestrians passing a given point; used by TAB to authenticate the circulation that passes outdoor advertising structures.

*Actually, the OAAA has your back. These terms were sourced from the Out of Home Advertising Association of America so you’re learning industry-standard terms.

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