Digital LED Display Trends on the Horizon to Impact the Customer Experience

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Our Senior Vice President of Innovation and Strategy, Stephen Gottlich, has just returned from an international trip in search of cutting-edge trends and technology in digital signage. He makes this trip about four times per year to learn about and evaluate new solutions that we can incorporate into our innovative design offerings. He specifically scouts out new digital signage applications that can be incorporated into retail, real estate development, gaming, corporations, and many other markets to enhance their ability to communicate visually.

Another important aspect of Stephen’s trip is to continue to collaborate with our partners for continuing innovation and program scalability, and he evaluates their ongoing ability to maintain high-quality control standards and deliverability on behalf of our customers. It is innate in our company culture to continue to be curious and find new and better ways to ensure that we’ve served our clients’ best interests.

The biggest takeaway of Stephen’s innovation exploration isn’t a surprise. It’s all about the experience. Seeing ideas come to life triggers opportunities for elevating experiences. Retailers in Shenzhen and Shanghai are leading the world in satiating culinary experiences where taste and scent can’t be replicated through online shopping. Even brick and mortar companies are finding exciting new ways to incorporate digital technology into their stores driving unique energy and experience that augments their online presence. Read on for a summary of the retail trends that inspired Stephen’s sense of customer experience during his excursion.

Electronic shelf label system via E Ink has arrived! No longer is supplying electricity to shelf labeling systems required. Now E Ink solutions are a simple method for providing digital shelf labels that receive pricing updates with API integration via WIFI from the same system that operates pricing at the cash register – eliminating customer frustration from pricing discrepancies. Plus, batteries last for years eliminating power requirements. E Ink offers full color and a streamlined approach to store aesthetics. By scanning the barcode, shoppers can get more information about the product including reviews and even fulfill online orders.

Grocery stores serve not only as a ubiquitous grocery store but also as a distribution center for online orders and a restaurant concept where you select your own fresh seafood and whole vegetables that are then prepared for your flavor profile liking.

Electronic shelf labels impact customer experience

While brick and mortar bookstores around the world have been impacted by online ordering, this bookstore has an innovative approach to increasing foot traffic and welcoming consumers into the store by creating a unique, integrated experience. The bookstore has a beautiful, spacious, and welcoming environment that allows customers to shop for specialty items like jewelry, enjoy a beverage, and relax. This combination of accessible opportunities allows shoppers to satisfy a variety of needs and provide them an interesting space to meander and explore. It’s an experience, unlike anything a mouse click provides.

Digital is being integrated into retail displays showcasing lifestyle in motion and describing engaging product benefits for an opportunity for women to understand cosmetics in a personal manner.

Digital signage and customer experience

When Inspiration of Tea, a trendy tea shop known for its unique, creamy cheese tea (yes, you read that right! Stephen reports that it’s delicious.), opens each new store, people queue up in line for a six-hour wait. The customer experience is designed to reduce friction in ordering and checkout. Ordering and payment is completed strictly in the app featuring beautiful photography of tea options. People dash in to pick up their prepared tea, and if they prefer, a scooter delivery person whisks their beverage away.

Finally, product innovation is moving at the speed of LED light. Along with interesting adaptations in kiosk and digital window poster technology, Stephen uncovered a mouth dropping solution. Read on for the details.

For those seeking unique digital applications that drive traffic for iconic and viral experiences, look no further than digital LED spectaculars built-in custom geometric shapes. These massive structures are ideal for feature elements in casino center bars, convention center and arena entrances, shopping center community gathering areas, and more.

If you’re ready to collaborate on your next project or just looking or more information on how to improve customer experience, feel free to reach out to Stephen.

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