Penguin Rush Hour: An Old Friend Returns Home to Silver Spring

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Gable was proud to join the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, the Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County, an array of local officials to celebrate the full restoration of the “Penguin Rush Hour” mural by artist Sallie Callmer.

Residents of Silver Spring, Md. waited nearly 15 years for the iconic artwork to be remade and reinstalled, and a large crowd gathered at the Silver Spring Metro Station on March 29 to see the unveiling of the completely restored piece.

As one of several contractors behind the restoration, Gable was commissioned to fabricate a custom aluminum framing system for the piece. Gable also was responsible for installing the 800-square-foot digital print, which is made up of Aluminum Composite Panels produced by Dodge Chrome, onto the framing system.

The 100-foot wide mural was originally planned to be displayed for just one year, but the mural was purchased and made a permanent display as it became a piece of local history. The penguins have since become a part of the community’s culture in Silver Spring. Residents and commuters have grown to recognize the penguin as an “unofficial mascot” and are thrilled to see this original artwork beautifully restored.

Read more about the Penguin Rush Hour mural at the Silver Spring Arts & Entertainment District’s website, here.

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