The Art of Direction: How to Enhance Casino Experiences & Increase Non-Gambling Revenue with Wayfinding Signage

MGM wayfinding signage at casinos
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By Michele Bass, Senior Solutions Consultant at Gable.

Having worked with casinos for several decades, our team has seen firsthand how the gambling industry has evolved. Casinos today are far more than just gaming floors — they have evolved into full-scale hospitality and entertainment destinations aimed at attracting a wide range of guests and keeping them on the property longer. 

But with huge properties that include hotels, celebrity chef restaurants, pools, spas, golf courses, nightlife venues, and more, it can be tough to ensure guests actually discover all these awesome amenities you offer. When they miss out on experiences, you miss out on additional revenue. 

In this blog post, we explore how strategic wayfinding signage can help casino operators enhance the guest experience and drive additional revenue between gambling and non-gambling activities.

Diversification is the Name of the Game

On the surface, the latest industry news looks promising. Gaming revenue grew by 6.7 percent in the third quarter of 2023 — the eleventh consecutive quarter of year-over-year growth.

By the looks of it, 2024 is off to a good start, too. In January, four major gambling revenue records were smashed in New Jersey. The concern, however, is that these records resulted from Internet gambling and sports betting, not from in-person gamblers. Such revenue streams must be shared with third-party providers, including tech platforms and sports books. If 2020 and the most recent recession taught us anything, we know casinos aren’t bulletproof, but the industry is resilient.

So What’s Driving Profit into Casinos?

To increase gambling revenue, firms are investing in technological advancements like artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR), as well as cutting-edge in-person and online gaming experiences. They are also investing in upgraded facilities and amenities to attract wealthier gamblers who spend more per visit. 

An aging casino demographic has also forced operators to identify ways of attracting younger customers. A recent study led by Game Changing Technologies shows players between the ages of 20 and 30 represent the smallest share of revenue. 

Slow growth in in-person gambling revenue and a desire to attract younger customers is causing casinos to expand their non-gambling offerings — further diversifying their full suite of entertainment options.  By attracting a broader audience and keeping patrons engaged for longer periods of time, operators can increase overall revenue for their casinos.

new report from the Center for Indian Country Development at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis notes that while diversification comes with costs, its necessity became clear when tribally-owned casinos were shut down during the pandemic. “The fact that the casino revenues went from millions to zero overnight just fully reiterated the need for diverse revenue streams,” said Tribal Chairman Rodney Butler.

How Can Wayfinding Signs Help Casinos Evolve & Thrive?

A strategically designed wayfinding system not only helps patrons navigate gaming areas but also creates seamless transitions guiding them to integrated world-class dining, entertainment, accommodations, and everything else that sets your property apart. The more amenities they find, the longer they will stay and the more revenue your business will earn.

Navigating the Gaming Floor

The gaming floor is still the epicenter of any casino resort. Well-designed wayfinding signage provides clear navigation for guests to easily find their favorite slots and table games, while digital signage at the cage and ATM locations incentivizes spending and helps reduce wait times. Dynamic, content-rich digital displays throughout the floor promote new games and tournaments or high-limit areas to attract players.

LED Wayfinding With Customizable Messaging at Harrah’s Northern California Casino

Driving Revenue Beyond the Casino

Strategically placed branded signage helps advertise your diverse lineup of on-site amenities. Proper wayfinding can generate awareness, enhancing the overall user experience that drives foot traffic and revenue.

Here are a few examples:

  • Interactive wayfinding kiosks located across the property allow patrons to search and map routes to amenities like signature restaurants, the pool deck, and entertainment venues more easily.
  • Promote dinner specials at signature restaurants via digital displays in the poker room.
  • Branded aerial bridge connectors between hotel towers and the casino floor host backlit signs touting the world-class spa amenities and promotional offers to encourage gaming guests to book treatments to help them unwind.
  • Main casino exit routes feature eye-catching light boxes and dimensional graphics advertising the luxurious shopping galleria attached to the complex, enticing visitors to continue spending during departure.
  • Digital signage integrated directly into slot machines helps promote nightlife offerings like upcoming concerts and hot DJ appearances at on-site clubs when machines are not in use, capitalizing on a captive audience.
Wayfinding guides visitors step-by-step to entertainment venues, while signage focused on non-gaming offerings engages more guests, grows brand affinity, and turns them into repeat, holistic resort patrons.

As casinos continue evolving into full-scale hospitality destinations, wayfinding signage plays a crucial role in highlighting ancillary offerings and driving cross-property traffic and revenue. A custom resort-wide signage strategy pays dividends through enhanced guest experiences and increased non-gaming spending.

Contact our wayfinding design experts today for a custom signage strategy to boost visibility and revenue for your gaming and non-gaming casino amenities.

Choctaw Casino wayfinding signage at casinos
Static Wayfinding at Choctaw Casino & Resort-Durant

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