Position Overview

The Senior Drafting Technician is responsible for creating detailed drawings that visually communicate how something functions or has to be constructed. They ensure that the construction drawing is unambiguous and relatively easy to understand. They define scaled layouts, materials specifications, units of measurements, etc. They produce drawings in elevation, plan and exploded sectional details as required. These Construction drawings define but not limited to structural, electrical and installation of attachment methods required for Client approval, Permitting and used to gain a seal of approval form Licensed Professional Engineers. Works in collaboration with our Clients, Designers and Architects, to research & develop Cost effective solutions, while demonstrating excellent customer service, ensuring total satisfaction of internal and external customers.

Key performance areas

  1. Demonstrates a high level of detail and technical ability to produce Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings and documents.
  2. Staying current with Sign, Construction, Lighting industry materials and manufacturing methods.

Essential Functions

The following list of functions for this position is not a limitedly defined list. Additional tasks may be required on the job that are not listed below. The list below serves as a guide for the essential functions that are expected from this position by Gable.

  • Receive, review and interpret scope of conceptual design Tasks.
  • Able to make use of the latest technologies, and contribute to driving the company forward through contribution of across areas such as new products, technologies and processes.
  • Be highly proficient in industry standard design software’s.
  • Have the capability to identify and solve potential technical issues.
  • Ensure technical drawings follow standard manufacturing and installation guidelines in processes and material usage.
  • Quality of work produced to meet project requirements.
  • Performs drafting operations for the determination of project plans and collects data for Project designs.
  • Prepares complex drawings for Engineering Projects and provide accurate renderings, this also involves at times of varying design revisions/modifications within the project.
  • Develops and drafts engineering drawings and plans, drafts contract documents and generates correspondence for clients and managers.
  • Develops and use of standard components library to expedite the drawing process and ensure project consistency and process uniformity.
  • Maintains dynamic communication with contractors, clients, engineers and the general public for any architectural, engineering or construction issues
  • Performs detailed reviews of field surveys, documentation, research and drafting tasks of engineering data as requested by clients or managers.
  • Performs regular computer software and AutoCAD maintenance, upgrading and troubleshooting.
  • Maintains up to date working and technical knowledge of all procedural and improvement changes to computer hardware and software applications.
  • Ability to communicate effectively verbally and written email correspondences.

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